Top Quality Red and Orange HMPKs for sale

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Top Quality Red and Orange HMPKs for sale

Post by sjones_1 on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:11 pm

Hi All,

This may not be of interest to everyone but perhaps you would like to branch out and try breeding/keeping something new.

I have for sale Juvenilles from my Halfmoon Dragon Plakat (Betta splendens) spawn. There are Halfmoon Red Dragons and Halfmoon Orange Dragons from this spawn. These are top quality fish bred by myself in UK tap water and are getting a lot of praise on international forums. They are all showing the full 180 degree spread and are really starting to get their dragon scales. You can see a thread on this spawn here:

Some males from this spawn;

I have approximately 20-25 males and roughly 15-20 females for sale.

Male are £10 each
Females are £5

Until the weather improves these will be collection only from Cambourne, Cambridgeshire. If you would like to reserve any fish for postage once the weather improves please PM me. Postage can be arranged but will be at the buyers risk.

Any and all enquiries welcome but be quick as there is already a lot of interest,

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