Tetratec's fantastic customer service

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Tetratec's fantastic customer service

Post by Pirate Monkey on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:07 pm

I bought a tetratec ex1200 in November 2008, I believe they were quite new at this time.

The filter ran well for a while, then it started making awful noises. I dismantled it to find the impeller had broken. I called tetratec and they sent ne a new one, no questions asked. I thought they would have told me to buy one as I don't think they're covered by the warranty.

The filter carried on running well, then developed a leak. It seemed to leak only after doing maintenance and it would stop after a few days. As I don't take it apart too often it wasn't really an issue.

Last year after maintenance it leaked but didn't stop. After some research I found this was a common problem with these filters, it was a problem with the hose adaptor unit. In newer filters they had modified the part and were replacing the faulty ones. So another call to Germany (freephone number!) And 3 days later a brand new hose adaptor unit arrives.

My filter was leak free. Until last weekend... After maintenance I put it back together and it was leaking worse than I've ever seen. I took the lid off and put it on numerous times, each time re.cleaning and lubricating the o ring. It was so bad I had to leave it switched off with just the internal filter running.

On Sunday I tried again to put it together. This time I put some PTFE tape above the o ring and it still leaked a bit but much less than before.

Monday came and once again called tetratec, explained the problem and they sent me a new motorhead which arrived yesterday. New head fitted, no leak at all. Bear in mind my warranty ran out last year!

I have to say this is the best customer service I have received from any company. Granted things should have worked from day 1 but I'll always judge on how problems are dealt with rather than the issues themselves. They were fantastic to deal with and hassle free.

It is good to know they have dealt with the issues on a mass scale and updated the newer models - the new hose adaptor has 2 o rings on the inlet and outlet compared to 1 on the older one, and the o ring on the new motorhead looks fatter than on the old one too.

If anyone needs to contact them, their freephone number is 00 80 076 688 766
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