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Heylo :3

Post by Flute on Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:19 pm

Just thought I'd post a quick intro Smile

My name is Rachelle, I'm from North Wales and I've been keeping tanks for nearly 3 years. We've always had tanks in the house ever since I was little, so I've grown up loving the hobby. I've kept fish from a few different regions, but have recently fallen in love with Central and South American Cichlids. I currently keep a group of Krobia sp 'Xingu red cheek' cichlids, and a pair of Keyhole cichlids. I also have various corydora, as well as some none South American fish. Hoping to increase my collection of tanks in the near future and try out some new species Smile

I'm really into art, and aspire to be a Concept Artist. I'm animal mad, some what eccentric, and love a good debate.

I look forward to chatting to everyone on here Very Happy
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