How to bag a fish.

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How to bag a fish.

Post by Star on Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:01 pm

If you have to ever transport your fish, here is a quick guide on how to bag them up.

First add tank water to the bag and stand it up in a safe place, a bowl is ideal just in case it tips over.

For an overnight journey use (in accordance with the instructions) bag buddies. These will help keep the water quality good for the fish, they also make the fish slightly drowsy and helps keep the fish calm.

Grasp the bag leaving approximately half water half air.

Twist the top of the bag (do not spin the bag round) leaving a long enough twist to be able to tie a knot

If you have trouble getting enough air into the bag you can use and airline to fill it up. Do not blow into the bag.

If the bags are being packed in a box it is a good idea to tape the corners of the bag to stop fish getting trapped when the corners fold over.

I have used masking tape here as it shows up better.

But you can see the bag now has a safe corner where fish cannot get trapped.

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