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Mood Fish

Post by Star on Mon May 28, 2012 4:00 pm

I love Rusty's colouration when he is in a foul mood, his anal fin turns from black to almost bright yellow.

and what has infuriated my Rusty so much???!!! Tich the texas! I have had no choice but to throw Tich in with Rusty because Tich was attacking my female true parrot, she has 2 wounds on either side of her body. Tich was relentlessly chasing her around the tank, bashing rainbow (jd) and zeus (male tp) out of the way to get at her dispite both rainbow & zeus trying to protect her Sad. Tich will have to cool off in rusty's tank for a few days, last time he went nuts on me I put him in with Rusty. I have had to move some of the wood so tich can hide where Rusty cant reach him. Its like putting kids in the naughty corner fish going in with Rusty lol

One by one HACKERS are stealing my sanity Rolling Eyes

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