A stocking thread

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A stocking thread

Post by Flute on Thu May 31, 2012 9:34 pm

So even though we wont be getting any new fish for quite a few weeks, I like to be organised and know what I want so that I can start sourcing where I'll eventually get the fish from. In a bid to get Bryn more interested in the tanks, I've promised that he can help choose fish to add. So far we've agreed on a shoal of rummynose tetra, as I wanted some dithers anyway to try and give the Krobia more confidence.

Beyond that, I haven't a clue. Stocking so far is:

2 x Krobia Xingu
2 x Keyhole cichlids
1 x Pearl Gourami
1 x BN Pleco
1 x Golden Panchax
3 x Corydoras Aeneus
1 x Adolfi Corydora (I can't find any more to keep him company Sad )
7 x Julii Corydora

After the rummynose, we wont have a great deal of room, so that's why I was looking at either a single small-medium cichlids, or dwarf cichlids. Bryn doesn't like these, and has decided as far as cichlids go, Honduran Red Points are the only nice ones Razz
Rams have been ruled out because of temperature differences. Bryn also likes killifish, but I'd worry about having more top dwellers with having already a Golden Panchax and a Pearl Gourami, who at the moment is behaving herself but can turn into a total cow without a moments notice.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated ^^
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