Changes happening

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Changes happening

Post by Alasse on Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:11 am

I am getting ready to do a major overhaul of all my tanks, that could mean a complete aquascape makeover, fish change or yay, moving the actual tank to a new location.

I will be moving the 5ft goldy tank and the 4ft planted off carpeted areas and onto a vinyl area..My landlord has been talking about replacing all the carpet, so i figure i may as well move them now on my terms than get a few weeks notice they HAVE to be moved.
The 5ft goldy tank will not be changing aquascape - unheated
The 4ft will be changing. All fish currently living in there will be moving out. Depending what fish i go with as to what it will be like decor wise. If its goldies, all plants but the anubias will be coming out as well as substrate changed to PFS. If its natives, tank will just get a rescape. - unheated
3.5ft tank will be getting PFS as substrate and will house my peppermint and all cherry shrimp - heated
3ft - will be used to hold fish from 4ft i've decided to keep (mainly my angel pair and clown loaches) heated
2.5ft - Total rescape - heated - Blue rams
2.5ft - total rescape - heated - Gold rams
2ft custom - natives or fancy goldies - unheated

Every other tank is being sold

Once they are gone i have a 3tiered 4ft system coming, once it is in, the 3ft will be sold and the 3.5ft (peps and cherries moving into 4ft) will become a quarantine tank

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Re: Changes happening

Post by Flute on Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:49 pm

Hard work but exciting? Very Happy
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