Trouble and Promo

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Trouble and Promo

Post by Rusty on Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:09 pm

So lets open up this tropical chat section with a conundrum i'm currently facing.

As some of you may or may not know, we have 2 fish sharing a tank, a long finned/potentially veil-tail Oscar, and a Severum of unknown origins.

These two fish have grown up together from being 2inch little squirts, to now being more like 6-7 inch Monsters, and still growing. Problem being, they are still fighting eachother as hard as they were as youngsters.

I wake up every morning and check on the fish to see what the damage is. The oscar always has a torn fin, but usually bears some scrapes or tears on the body, the Sev is the more aggressive fish and seems to be coming off the better.

Now if the Oscar is a V-T then she'll likely stop growing at 7-8 inches, meaning the Sev will likely outgrow her and this could be very bothersome if their behaviour persists. I do not feel there is much potential for fatalities but I don't want to put them through an eternity of hating their tankmates.

I am thusly contemplating moving one, or both, fish on to new homes where they can be seperated, and then start anew with our tank, or get new tankmates for the remaining fish.

Thoughts much appreciated.

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Re: Trouble and Promo

Post by Star on Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:35 pm

In my experience a few things are going to happen, 1, trouble will loose it big time with promo and have a go back and they will live peacfully or trouble will then keep on at promo. 2. Promo will never stop picking on trouble and trouble will end up with stress related HITH only option then is to remove promo and daily wc but trouble will be more aggressive (going through this with Rusty at the moment) If you remove promo and keep trouble, I would suggest, blue acara or a single brazilliensis as a tankmate, they dont take nonsence from an oscar but dont tend to retaliate either. Chops is loving having a group of clown loach as tankmates Smile IMO severums and oscars can be trouble Sad

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