Peace is shattered!!!!!!!!!

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Peace is shattered!!!!!!!!!

Post by Star on Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:29 pm

Coz I is back Smile Smile

Blimey have I been through the wringer over the last few months Sad not going to bore you to death with with the details. I have some new fish Smile pics will follow once the desk top is set back up, literally only been just connected! I have had a couple of losses to Sad Ghostie my beloved BGKF passed away with a heart attack after a really bad storm, I didnt realise electrical storms can affect BGKF Mags told me when she dropped in (so great to see her Smile). I had trouble with Tich my texas and had to move him in with Rusty (oscar) and digger the brazilliensis. More trouble there, Rusty got stress related HITH Sad moved titch to the empty 240 (which was up for sale) daily wc on rustys tank and he started to heal, sadly for some unknown reason digger the brazilliensis had some sort of fit, her eyes were rolling, within minutes she was dead, since then Rusty has been unbearable. So agressive he attacks me through the glass and cleaning his tank is a nightmare and he batters the syphon, thankfully the hith has cleared only leaving minimal scarring Sad

New fish are: some white cloud minnows in my paladarium set up for the weather loach and hillstream loach pics to follow Smile
3 baby blue acara so cute and I finally have a pair of curviceps excited the little one has also got his angel fish back! he has never forgotten that sick angel I rescued Loverlee the white one, so we caved and went searching for another white angel for him, again pics will follow.

Man I missed you all, going to have a read and a catch up on whats been happening

One by one HACKERS are stealing my sanity Rolling Eyes

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Re: Peace is shattered!!!!!!!!!

Post by Alasse on Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:36 pm

Great to have you back!
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