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Post by Alasse on Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:09 am

I havent had a light on the pep tank thinking they may like privacy lol. Well i put one on the tank today cause nothing was happening. OMG!

Now i havent been doing the maintenance on the tank i should, but holy moly it was disgusting. There was mulm buildup in some areas that i'm embarrassed to even say how deep!!! Soooooooooo inhabitants got caught and move to a temp tank, and i fully pulled it down to get the yuck out. Changed substrate to PFS as i am going to run a large internal to keep the water moving and prevent the 'deep mulm' areas from happening again.

So now it all back together looking far far improved....and it will be keeping a light on it.

So substrate is PFS (ws coarse river sand), as it wont get moved around as easily
Quite a bit of wood added, to give them more hiding places now the tank has a light
Some anubias floating around in there, they are unhappy and not looking good so will see if they recover, if they dont here i'll move them to my 'planted' tank to recover.
Tank is now running 3 large sponge filters, 1 old corner filter and an otto 1200l/h internal

Pic to come of ther new digs
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Re: Peppermints

Post by Star on Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:47 am

Thats the trouble with "still water" both my 180l tanks have very slow water movement and omg the crud each week I fine is awful Sad fingers crossed they will be happy with their new digs Smile

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