[Project] Get back into it: Community tank

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[Project] Get back into it: Community tank

Post by Rusty on Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:34 pm

Ok. So, after long deliberation and frankly not giving enough attention to our poor fish me and Chi have decided we are starting a winter project.

We decided finally that Promo (the Sev) and Trouble (the long finned Oscar) should be split up, not for aggression reasons just mainly for the fact that after watching them grow up together, they're just not particularly fond of one another.

We separated them yesterday and both fish are showing improvements immediately, Trouble who now finds herself in the bedroom was staring us in the face when we woke up, wagging at the side of the tank demanding our attention, she has also learned a new trick (oh joy) of rushing from one end of the tank to the other, creating a wave that sends water over the edge of the tank (through the lid seams), so she can chase the water droplets down the glass.

Need to find her some sort of toy.

Promo is back to his centre tank "oy you, give me attention" approach to everything, but that won't last long as we are not keeping a singular 7-8" fish in a 100gallon tank that he won't allow us to plant up or keep other fish in. So he's going to be relegated to a slightly smaller tank.

Which brings us onto: The Project

The final aim: A planted tank with a group of 4 Blue Acara, a shoal of Corydoras (either sterbai/trilineatus/peppered) sharing the tank floor with our lovely pleco Pinky, and a group of hardy mid-tank swimmers, likely a medium sized Tetra.

Things to be done:

Strip Tank.
Remove, Clean and Reattach Brace Bar.
Thoroughly clean whole tank.
Rebuild tank lid, install new lighting system and new external filter.
Add sand substrate, bogwood and rocks/caves.
Add plants and Corydoras + Pleco
Add more plants and Tetras.
Add the final plants, and introduce the group of Acaras.

Right. This should be good, he says.

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