I'm back!!

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I'm back!!

Post by Alasse on Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:45 am

So i am now in my new place. Boy i hate moving lol

Only tanks running at present is the:
5ft - holding wood and plants only, no livestock
3ft - Holding tropicals
2ft (still at other house holding fish while i sort out their tanks)
Pond (still at other house holding goldies while i sort out tanks)

Will be starting to set up the SunSun 2.6ft tank today.....it will be planted with my angels and a few other tropicals in residence. I have pulled the DIY wall out of it too, so it will be different.

Hope to get to the 4ft today too, needs a major clean. Backing to be taken off and outside fully cleaned ready for the back and sides to be spray painted black. The 3.5ft that sits underneath will also be getting a full clean, the back and sides also painted.

It will take me weeks to get them all back up properly and then to start stocking

Anyway thats how my world has been, taken up with the big move, great to be back
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