I come from a land downunder!

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I come from a land downunder!

Post by Alasse on Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:40 am

Hiya, i'm Alasse (Rebecca *L*) & I'm addicted to my tanks. I am mostly keeping planted tanks but also have a few that arent.

Currently running

5ft - Maingano colony and clown loaches
4ft - Planted - community
3.5ft - Peppermint BN breeding pairs
3ft - Planted - cherry shrimp & some juvie Pep BN
2.5ft - Planted - angel breeding pair
2.5ft - Planted - common BN breeding pair and a male Krib
2ft - Having a background made currently - 2 fantail goldies
1ft - Planted - betta, guppies and cherry shrimp

Looking forward to getting to know ya all
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