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Lymphocystis is a viral disease. It is most commonly found in ornamental cold water fish, but can also affect tropical and marine fish. Lymphocystis is brought into the aquarium on an infected fish. The trouble with this virus is the carrier can show no symptoms of the virus, and once present in the tank it is impossible to get rid of as it is present in the water and on the fish. Lymphocystis is species specific, eg. if you have a severum with the virus, but have no other severums in the tank the chances are the virus will not manifest and die out as it cannot be transferred. It can take upto 12 months for the virus to die.

On the carrier there are no visible signs of the virus. On an infected fish, red lumps will appear growing into larger white cauliflower like lumps, increasing in size until they drop off.

First stage red lumps.

Advanced stages:

Lymphocystis is a killer, it will wipe out all the same species fish as the carrier. I lost 5 out of 6 texas cichlids to Lymphocystis. It enters the bloodsteam via any small cuts, grazes or loose scales. Over the counter treatments do nothing against this virus, antibiotics issued via a vet can help.

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