Popeye (Exophthalmus)

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Popeye (Exophthalmus)

Post by Star on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:07 pm

Popeye is usually caused by a bacterial infection, fluid build up around the eye socket. Typical cause is poor water quality, in some cases accidental damage from rough handling or fighting may also cause popeye.

Symptoms: One or both eyes will protrude from the body, in some cases the eye may turn white if it has been damaged or a parasitic problem.

Cure: Popeye can be difficult to cure as the protruding eye is the advanced stages. Remove the fish to a hospital tank, perform daily water changes and use an antibacterial fish medication such as, Myxazin, Esha 2000, melafix. Check with the manufacturers instructions as per the dosage.

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