How to set up an air pump

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How to set up an air pump

Post by Star on Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:27 pm

Always where possible situate your air pump above the water line of the tank. This will stop syphoning should you loose power to the air pump (power cut or fuse blowing), you would be surprised how fast water comes back out of an airline!!.

If you cannot put your airpump above the tank it is best to use none return valves on your airline.

(excuse the dust, I dont go in this part of the cabinet that often Smile)

None return valves can be placed anwhere along the airline, make sure that the air is flowing in the direction of the arrows on the valve.

Place your airline and airstone in your tank, there are many different types of airstone, from standard 1" diameter stones like this...

To full length air curtains.

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