Blindness/cloudy eyes

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Blindness/cloudy eyes

Post by Star on Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:56 pm

A healthy fish should have bright clear eyes, however there are some problems which can cause cloudiness to the eye.

Damage due to rough handling/netting. This you will usually see a white/grey mark on the surface of the eye, it can sometimes happen if a rough net has been used to catch the fish. Also bumping into tank decor can cause it. Clean water is usually enough to for it to heal within a couple of days, if not use and antibacterial medication.

Flukes: Eye flukes are very rare, they are more noticable as lots of small white/grey dots deeper in the eye. Eye flukes are difficult to treat, you would need a specialist anti paracitic medication

Blindness: A fish can go blind due to the lack of the correct foods, commonly seen in goldfish kept in a tropical tank fed on tropical flake food! There is no cure

A fish that looses its sight can cope well and feed normally.

Blind goldfish

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